A Few Hours In Bangkok

Guest blog post written by an (almost English) expat & travelholic from Germany who loves cooking & academic stuff to do with international development. Also known as Jana’s best friend from London: In a way … Read more →

InstaTravel: A Road Trip to Freedom

Today is Instagram Travel Thursday yet again and contrary to the previous weeks, we would only like to share one single picture with you today as we think that it says more than a thousand words: … Read more →

InstaTravel: Summer Fun At The Lake Of Constance

Summer, sun, beach and ocean? It does not always have to be the big ocean to have soe summer fun. Sometimes, it is also nice to go to a lake and especially the Lake of … Read more →

Rien Ne Va Plus – A Casino Night in Bregenz

ITB Globetrotter - Rien ne va plus - Casino Bregenz - Casino Urlaub 3

Rien ne va plus – this is the sentence we heard very often a few days ago. And right after that we listened to the sound of the little ball circulating in the roulette. When … Read more →

The Colorful Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff

ITB GLobetrotter - Trauttmansdorff Meran Südtirol 32

Luckily, it was not raining all days during our recent holiday in South Tyrol like it was on the day, we visited the Thermal Bath of Meran. On one of the other days, we stopped … Read more →


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